About Us

We actually stumbled onto TFTS in 1996.  I had a big cat who was my daily companion. He passed away the winter before.  I decided it was time to get another lap pal.  I was looking through ads and came across one for a toy fox terrier.  I had no idea what a TFT was but went to visit the breeder and came home with Joey tucked in my jacket.

The next year we moved to southern Minnesota to a three acre hobby farm.  We felt that Joey needed a pal.  We found Molly in Michigan.  The dogs weren’t altered and for three years Molly just was not ready to be a mother.  Then she decided it was her time.  She had a beautiful litter of pups and was a wonderful mother. 

Over the years Molly has moved on to her forever home and has her own lap.  We have gotten a few more dogs and we have a few litters of pups per year.  Joey passed away in December of 2010. He will always be special in our hearts.

The dogs enjoy it here.  We have had chickens, ducks, pigs and sheep.  We are often visited by skunks, and rabbits live in the shed.  We have a few cats running around.  So there is always something to keep the dogs entertained.

About the Dogs

Toy Fox Terriers get along well with other dogs. They do well with larger and smaller dogs. We have placed pups in homes with German Shepherds, Labradors, and Great Danes. They also get along well with cats. This is especially true if the pup is exposed to other animals from a young age.

Toy Fox Terriers do well inside and also enjoy being outside. They like the water. Some like to swim. Others like to chase fish. They also enjoy birthday parties and Halloween!!