Photo Gallery
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Lucy's Pup - Chopper
Daph's Pup - Bella 3 mths

Lucy's Pup - Phoebe
Daisy tired after playing with Kiaya
Kiaya and Daisy
Cricket on the move


Forrest and Bella
Mom and Max
Niko and Mattie

Yum. Any for me?????


Fawn's Pup - Enzo
Mattie's Pup - Bubba
Daphne's Pup - 4 years old now

This picture was drawn and sent to me by an owner of one of our pups from Daphne. It is a picture of her mother with their toy fox terrier Lilly. What a talented young lady. This pic captures the love and joy between the tft and it's owner. Thank you Kimmy.

Son of Peanut & Niko

"Birdee" - Daughter of
Abby & Niko