New & Exciting

We are expecting a litter to be born mid  April.  Please contact me if you would like to be added to our waiting list or if you would like more information about our dogs or toy fox terriers in general.     

We have a male adult dog available.  His birthday is 9/12/2016.  Please contact me if you would like more information about Digger..    

Dog play dates?  Socialization is important for any dog breed and very important for our toy foxes.  If possible, take your tft with you on errands, to work, and to visit friends.  

Remember dental care for these little dogs.  It is a good practice to brush every day and it is never too late to start.  If you are not brushing, be sure to follow vet's suggestions for cleanings.  Teeth can cause a lot of problems for our little tfts.

 Pup from previous litter


Toy Fox Terriers

These are active toy dogs who are easy to train and even easier to love.  They are a big dog in a little package.  TFTs are a combination of two great groups of dogs...the terriers and the toys and share the characteristics of both groups.  TFTs are versatile dogs.  Their small size makes them ideal for people living in apartments and mobile homes.  Since they don't eat much they are an economical pet for senior citizens or families on limited budgets.  As a terrier they are also comfortable in country settings.  Their hunting skills vary from catching small rodents around the farm to being used by sportsmen for squirrel hunting.  They are also a great companion and lap buddy for cold nights on the couch watching television.   TFTs get along well with larger breed dogs.  We have placed puppies in homes with german sherperds, water spaniels, great danes and many other larger breeds.


With a toy fox terrier it is Christmas
all year long.

How We Raise Our Puppies

Our TFTs are part of the family.  There are no kennels here.  All our dogs are raised in the house and they decide who gets to sit on the couch.  Most nights you will find me in the recliner with all the dogs on my lap. We really enjoy these little dogs and hardly remember what life would be like without them. 

When mom has pups, they are in a quiet room away from all the commotion of a busy household.  We begin to hold the pups as soon as mom is comfortable with that.  As soon as the pup's eyes have opened and they are starting to move around a bit, they are moved to the living room in a playpen.  That way they are exposed to lots of noises and people and begin to get socialized.  Also, mom begins to get more accustomed to the pups being held and being away from her for longer periods of time. We continue to expose them to as many people as possible and as many sounds and other sensations as possible.

TFTs are very intelligent.  Quite a few of the pups we have placed have been trained to use a litter box.  This can be very useful in cold Minnesota winters.  You don't want to send two pound puppies outside to go to the bathroom.  We do have dvds available to explain this training process.

The older dogs are eventually introduced to the pups and are quite gentle with them.  They seem to know that the pups are little "thems" and let the pups nibble on their ears or pat at their noses.

The pups are placed in their new homes when they are seven to eight weeks old. We believe that this is the best time for them to bond with their new families.  They still need a lot of socializing.  And we also recommend obedience training.  It is always a sad time around here when we have to say goodbye to our pups but we strive to develop long term relationships with their new families and hope to be updated for the rest of the pup's lives.



     Jane - Daughter of Mattie and Niko        Pipsqueak and his new brother Dino.        King Charlie. Son of Daphne & JC - 9 years old.